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I had to jump right into this one, because the previous book, An Assassin's Touch, ended on quite the cliffhanger, and I had to make sure Trevor was ok.


Of course, Shane manages to save the day, and I got my happy ending for these guys, but the book overall wasn't nearly as satisfying. I felt like too much was going on in too few pages. We are introduced to a brand new shifter, a lynx named Dalton, who was in captivity with Trevor, and Hecht also set up a burgeoning angst-lite (because the books are so short) story between Eagle Riley and his Hawk Mentor Colin.


I just wish this book had been broken in half- the first half to have been included in the last book, and the other half written to be solely someone else's. I don't like splitting page time quite so much, especially when the stories are already relatively short to begin with.