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Waiting for Ty - Samantha Ann King This hot little GFY number was just what I needed last night, after a very emotional (but excellent) read. Ty doesn't do men, Landon doesn't either, but they seem to be in love with each other. Landon doesn't care what anyone else thinks, but Ty is from a very religious, old values family, and was worried about what the relationship would do to his own with his family, so he runs. After one VERY hot night, he tells Landon that it can't happen again, and they don't speak for two months.I would have liked to have seen a bit more of what happened during those two months, instead of just cutting to Ty deciding enough already, he missed his best friend, his lover, and I would have liked it better if Landon hadn't been quite so welcoming when Ty finally got his head out of his ass. Make him grovel, just a little bit, the guy fucked and ran, and didn't contact you for months! Where's your dignity?But it was a short and kinda smutty, and just what I needed to help me sleep last night, so job well done.