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Until Forever Comes - Cardeno C. This series is totally making me rethink this author, as I loved both books. They didn't suffer from any over sweetness, which I had come to expect from this author. Ethan was adorably innocent, and a not so little bit country. For other people, this might be off putting, but coming from the sticks myself, I understood his speech perfectly. He reminded me a lot of how my grandparents used to talk, which brings me to my one little quibble. A time was never really set for this book, but we know it has to be at least 30 years ago, because the events in this book happened before the events in book 1, which really makes me feel that this book should have been listed as first in this series.It was also nice to read about real vampires, vampires who aren't all good and sweetness and nothing but sex. Not that Miguel wasn't sexy, but that wasn't all he was, he was totally vamp, and I loved it. I would have to know more about why Miguel was suddenly hungrier than usual, was it just his proximity to Ethan? The world building is nice in this series, we didn't get huge info dumps, but I totally got a feel for the way these shifters and vampires live their lives, and the change that seems to be coming. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long to see where the author takes this series.