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Unshakeable Faith - Lisa Worrall This was a 3.5, rounded down to 3. It just had too many little problems to give it a full 4, or even a round up. I loved Brody, loved Nash 2.0, hated Nash the original (asshole) version. I almost put the book down when I realized just how much of an ass original Nash was going to turn into, but I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did. We did get a few glimpses into original Nash, to know a bit of WHY he was the way he was, but it didn't really excuse his horrible behavior, especially to Brody, who, as far as he knew had never done anything to him.Also, there was too much suspension of disbelief. Hiring Brody as a bodyguard, with what seemed like NO kind of background check to see he had no experience? Just an " I like you hon, you're hired" by asshole's mother? And then once Brody WAS doing the bodyguard thing- NO one questioned why he didn't have any weapons on him? Or the stupidity of them going out on the town, not once, but TWICE, and getting majorly drunk and not paying attention to their surroundings?I also felt the reveal of who was after Nash was a bit too simplistic, too. Sure, the readers knew pretty early who it was, but I felt it was rushed at the end.Still, it was a decent read, and I'll probably check out more by this author.