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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne If this had been a stand alone, it probably would have been a 3 star read. However, I had such love for the characters and the world Collins created, it still rated 4 stars for me.I did feel the war bits dragged out a bit, and then the ending felt a bit rushed, tacked on even. I wanted to SEE Katniss and Peeta come back together. I wanted to SEE him remember who Katniss really was, and how he felt about her. As much as I loved Gale, it was always Peeta for Katniss, in my eyes. And while we're on the subject of Gale, I thought the way that situation was resolved was a bit of a cop-out. Katniss never came to the realization that it was Peeta she really loved, instead she couldn't get past the idea that it might have been his weapon that killed Prim. I guess I wanted to see her come to the realization on her own that Gale was just a very good friend, or if it had gone the other way, that Gale was who she really DID want to be with.