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Letters to the Baumgartners - Selena Kitt When we first met Dani, she had just lost a child and her marriage was falling apart. She met her neighbors, the Baumgartners, and they helped her to heal from both of her losses.In the newest offering in the series, we only see the Baumgartners through Dani's letters, because Dani is finally living her dream of studying in Venice, Italy. She's been there several months, and if finally starting to get over Mason, her ex-husband. One lonely night, she meets handsome gondolier Nico, and they form an immediate connection. Of course, who should show up on Dani's doorstep but her ex, Mason, determined to win her back.Interestingly enough, both men are ok with Dani seeing the other, so we are treated to lots of hot, steamy scenes of each man trying to win Dani's heart. They both love her, both desire her, and treat it as a bit of a competition, and it is very hot. Dani can't decide who she wants, she knows she has to choose soon. Or does she?My only complaint about this one was that, while Nico was bisexual, Mason was straight, and once the sharing started, he didn't seem to have much issue with sexual contact with Nico, he fell into it way too easily. I also wanted to see a bit more of the growing relationship between Mason and Nico, but maybe that's just the M/M lover in me.All in all though, this book delivers exactly what you'd expect from a Selena Kitt series- lots of hot sex, dirty talk, and buttons being pushed. Highly recommended.