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Darkhouse - Karina Halle This was a recent kindle freebie, and the start of a new...well I don't know if I'd call it urban fantasy. It's a type of ghost hunters type thing, so I don't know what it would fall under, paranormal?Perry Palomino (who doesn't LOVE that name?) is 22, works as a receptionist at an ad agency, and is bored. She is also the former fat girl (still not super skinny, still not comfortable with how she looks)with lots of issues that are slowly being revealed. We know she had a drug problem, and I think we know she used to see things that weren't really there. There has been reference made to her having lots of imaginary friends as a kid, and her sister talked to her about the time she was talking to the boy, Sam, who wasn't there, when they were younger.And then there is Dex, the total enigma. We don't know anything about Dex other than he's 32, a camera man/producer/singer/ who knows what else, has a wicked sense of humor, and is taking anti-psychotics, for bipolar issues, so he says.Perry and Dex meet at her uncle's lighthouse on the Oregon coast. Perry is just exploring, Dex is ghost hunting. A whole bunch of crazy things happen, and Dex ends up coaxing Perry into joining him to form a web based reality ghost hunting show about their experiences. We also learn, through some crazy clown ghost lady, that they both can see, that the reason they met that night might just be more than coincidence, and that they both need each other, both to take care of, and to do what needs to be done for "us". No idea who "us" is yet, but I guess that's part of the journey the author is asking us to take.This story was really well written, from Perry's first person POV. I loved Perry's voice. She is pretty self aware of who she is. At 22, she always expected to be more somehow. To that end, she has taken all sorts of weird classes, from stunt man school to karate, and ended up getting a degree in advertising, but is now working for an ad agency, but as a receptionist. She is feeling very unfulfilled, in her job and in her personal life. She still lives at home with her parents and her supposedly perfect, skinny, fashion forward sister, while Perry herself is just one step above a 90s goth girl, although Dex tells her, you can't be a 90s girl unless you were a teen in the 90s. Of course, she shoots back with "no, then you're just stuck in the past." Again, I love Perry's inner voice.There is lots of chemistry between Perry and Dex, but so far, totally unresolved. Dex has a girlfriend, and Perry just knows he could never be interested in a geeky, chubby girl like her. (her words!) I am pretty sure that the series is moving into a Perry/Dex pairing, and I can't wait to see how it unfolds, and also to learn more about Perry and Dex.