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Mobster's Girl (Mobster, #1) - Amy Rachiele I really tried with this one, because it has so many really good reviews. Only one mentions "minor" editing problems. Minor? Are you kidding me?EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this book has been re-edited. So I am going to stop reading now, and wait til I get the "edited" version. Although it seriously pisses me off that once again, paying customers are being used as free editing for authors who can't be bothered or don't want to pay a real editor.Reading edited version now, and the "O'Neill's" are still coming to dinner, she still walks "pass" her sister. The first paragraph is a bit smoother though.Still lots of skipped commas. "Connor is Erin's age fourteen".Yep, the family still switches from "O'Neill's" in chapter 1 to "O'Connell's" in chapter 3. This author needs better free editors! I will come back and redit the rest of the review as I decide to read on with the book.First off, we have the "O'Neill's" coming to visit. Then suddenly, they are the "O'Connell's". (that punctuation isn't mine BTW, it's how it is in the book. The "O'Neill's are coming to dinner. The O'Connell's have arrived". Seriously.Lots of "youre/your" and "they're/their" goofs.Sentences are overly simple, like a kid would write. "I kill the engine and get out. Vito tosses me a beer. I catch it and smoothly pop the top. I take a long pull of it."The guy learned how to "intimate" people at a young age. I think he means "intimidate" people, but what do I know?Here is an actual sentence: "When it is time to stand and sing". Um, when it is time to stand and sing what?Another one "As I get out of the car, after sitting with Vito watching Megan play dirty dancing in the water with some tool I've never seen before". You do what?We have now seen the "Hero" beat up a guy and break his fingers. He's getting lessons from Donny the Knife on how to dislocate a guy's shoulder. He seems to feel no remorse or anything, that's just life where he comes from. THIS is supposed to be dreamy hero guy?We meet Maria, who is the school whore (hero's words), who is so skanky she probably fucked her own cousins. (again, hero's words. hooray for slut shaming!)I'm still trying to work my way through this, so I'm sure I'll be back with more thoughts. I just wanted to get at least ONE review out there that was honest about what a hot mess this thing is.