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Who's Your Daddy? - Lauren Gallagher One of the better M/M/F books I have read.Usually, the M/M/F books I read fall into one of three pitfalls for me:The always gay/bi couple who suddenly decide they need a woman to "complete" them.The one where everyone's having lots of sex, but while the M/F stuff gets every little detail, the M/M parts feel like an afterthought, with barely any on page detail.And the one where the woman feels like an intrusion, and I spend most of the book wanting her to just go away, so I can read about the men.This book fell into none of those holes. Isaac and Dom were an established couple, and they were secure and happy in who they were, with just themselves. Isaac had never been with a woman, and expressed an interest, so they thought about finding someone, but just for him to play with, they never planned to hunt someone down as a permanent third, someone to complete them, they knew they were already complete.Ever sex scene was really well done- the men got just as much time and detail as the men and then woman.And even though the woman just kinda fell in with them, she never felt like an intruder at all. I really did believe that they all fell in love with each other.My only complaint is it skipped ahead at the end, and I really would have loved to have seen more to life once Carmen moved in. I wanted to see more of the pregnancy, and I wanted to see her interact with Dom's son more.