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Into the Hollow - Karina Halle Spooky creatures in the woods, crazy apparitions, screams in the night. Yep, Dex and Perry are together again, taking us on another wild ride.Perry thought this would be an easy way to get back into the EiT show. After all, Bigfoot isn't real. Right? So she and Dex take off into the wild of Canada, with a guide who is quite possibly just as dangerous as what ends up chasing them through the forest. Then there is Dex suddenly seeing the ghost of his dead mother, and you have another terrifying good time.I wanted to shake Perry more than once in this one. For once, Dex is the one wide open, all his cards out on the table. But Perry is so hurt and so angry, she keeps forgetting that she screwed up too, just as badly as he did. Over and over again, she lashes out, she hurts, and she pushes down what she really wants, out of fear. In the end though, I was finally satisfied. No, everything perfect, but things between Dex and Perry rarely are, but finally we are left with a sense of optimism, that things are finally on the right track for these two.So of course you know the shit is gonna hit the fan again when the next book comes out this June, and I can't wait.