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And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5) - Karina Halle And this is the end, for now. Now comes the book hangover, that feeling of what do I read next, no more Dex and Perry til June!I really enjoy reading from Dex's POV, seeing what was going through his head at those critical moments. My only complaint here was I'm pretty sure one of these scenes was maybe in dex files (or I had a major case of deja vu when Dex and Rebecca met for drinks), and one was just a rehash of a scene in On Demon's Wings, without a lot added to it, so I felt it kinda could have been left out. But all in all, I really liked this one when I was afraid I wouldn't, and now I'm ready to hit New Orleans!Too bad I can't get there til June!