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19. Yüzyıl Siyasi Tarihi (1789 - 1914) - Fahir Armaoglu I really enjoyed this one. Mercy Celeste really knows how to write a slightly screwed up character, a good sex scene, and some raunchy dirty talk. I don't usually like dirty talk, but it worked for me here.Now here's to the rambly part that MIGHT give away a bit too much of the plot, so read at your own risk.My only real problem with this book is it felt a bit like the last quarter of the book was a totally different story. The bit about Liv, Levi's club alter ego felt like it came a bit out of left field, there was no foreshadowing at all. I enjoyed what happened, it just felt a bit out of place. I wish there had been even the tiniest reference to Levi dressing up to go clubbing, and then some tidbit about Tracy having a one nighter with someone he couldn't forget, so it didn't all seem to have come out of nowhere.Ok, last of all, the thing that a lot of readers had a problem with, between Bo and Levi? I didn't really have a problem with it. I got it, really. First Bo was lost as hell, and then even though he had found what he had lost, it was still kinda lost, and a very difficult situation. I didn't see it as him thinking with his dick, I saw it as him taking what comfort and security he could find, where he could find it.