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His Roommate's Pleasure - Lana McGregor This was a quick, hot little read. Adam "borrows" Josh's computer to send in a school report, and accidentally opens a porn file, and is blown away by what he sees. It's not just the gay porn for a guy he thought was straight, it was the type of pictures he saw. Pictures of a guy a lot like him, only on his knees, hands bound, eyes covered, spankings, all sorts of submission. He'd never seen such a thing before, and it was HOT.He and Josh end up talking about what he found, and Adam learns Josh isn't the straight jock he thought he was, and they decide to experiment together, with Adam submitting to Josh. Of course, it turns to sex, and then real feelings start to get involved.This book wasn't angsty or dark at all, and it did all seem to come a bit too easily to these young men. They didn't seem to struggle a bit with their new desires, even Adam jumped right into submission with both feet. It didn't feel wrong though, it felt right to the men, and so it felt right to this reader. I also liked that it wasn't love at first fuck, that it took a little while to build, to the sex, to the kiss, and to the decision to be more than playmates.