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Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers, #2) - Elizabeth Reyes Ok it's almost 6 AM, so I am not even going to try for a coherent review right now, I just want to get some thoughts down before I pass out and forget something.*looks at all the 4 and 5 star reviews* My god, did we really read the same book?First off- editing. Horrible. Missing commas, run on sentences, even a couple of words that I don't think really exist. "blaringly" obvious? I think she meant glaringly. Alex's body. Chiseled. Rock solid. Sculptured. Hard. Delectable. Strong. Bulging muscles. Massive. Very impressive. Beautiful. Muscled. We get it. The guy is built. He's also way over the top on the possessive scale. Plotting a way to get her to leave her job, simply because she used to date her boss? Even though she swore it was never serious? Hiring a guy to act as a bodyguard because she has a stalker, but not telling her about it?Slut shaming. The guys can't have a bachelor party in Vegas because no way do the women want their men around "money grabbing whores". WTF?Misunderstandings. So stupid. He'd rather let her, and everyone else, think he was screwing other girls in college, rather than tell the truth, that he was behind on his school work, and had hired a tutor? Ok, there's pride, then there's downright stupidity. Of course, he did try to tell her the truth the night she "caught" him with his tutor, but she refused to listen to him. She was so sure he was sleeping around, she jumped to the wrong conclusion about everything and wouldn't listen to him, even a year later, til he finally MADE her let him explain.And then there's Valerie. She knows Alex is the jealous possessive type. She stays with him anyway, but she keeps not telling him stuff. Big stuff that she knows he'll take the wrong way if he doesn't hear it from her first. Does she tell him? No. She keeps talking with Luke, the boss. Having breakfast and lunch meetings with him, letting him come to her apartment. Is this smart? I think not. If you're going to commit to being with a jealous guy, you have to take his feelings into effect before you do stupid shit.She and Alex both know there's a stalker after her. He made threats to her on a particular night- the night before Sarah and Angel's wedding. The girls all want to do a girl's night in, drink, and play Truth. (no one felt very daring apparently) Valerie knows how worried Alex is. She knows there's a stalker out there. She knows he was following them THAT NIGHT! But she lets the other girls confiscate ALL the phones because the guys keep calling and checking on them. Doesn't insist on them letting her at least text Alex that she can't talk. Doesn't tell them she has a crazy stalker who just might show up tonight, a crazy stalked who mentioned two of them by name. Instead, when she knows there's a stalker out there she----SNEAKS OUT OF THE HOUSE ALONE, to get her laptop out of the car to email him!!! It really would have served her right, if she had been grabbed. Stupid stupid stupid.I know these people are supposed to be in their 20s, but more often than not, if felt like a typical high school story, only without the high school. They didn't act like mature adults, college graduates. It just felt....juvenile.But in spite of all this- the author DID tell a good story. I finished the first book, and figured that was it. I wasn't interested in reading any more. But they kept getting good reviews, so I kept picking them up. And this one did pull me right in. I read it all in one sitting. And in spite of all the freaking eye rolling moments, bad editing, and new words I learned, I still kinda want to read Sofie and Eric, Romero and Isabel, and Sal and whoever's stories.But I'll give this one time to fade in my memory a bit first, just like I let a year pass between reading the first one and reading this one.