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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day I'm a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, the author told a really good story. On the other hand, it was a very familiar story. People all over the net have been calling this the closest to Fifty Shades of Grey that they have found, and they are kind of right, kind of not.I think this book did the sex scenes better, I think this book was written better. Unfortunately, I didn't the characters in this one as much. I didn't connect as well, didn't come to love either character, and I didn't really buy the changes we saw supposedly occur.Eva is very un-Ana like. She isn't shy, she isn't demure, she knows what she wants, and she goes after it. Even sex. But in one way, she's like most heroines, she's very insecure, but she has a lot of reasons to be that way.Gideon is VERY Christian like. He is twenty eight, he is a billionaire, self assured, strong, gorgeous, likes to be in control, and emotionally stunted.We learn all the details about what happened to Eva when she was younger, but we only learn the barest of details about Gideon's past, but a lot of questions about what happened to him were unanswered. I know it's to get us to buy the sequel, but honestly, I expected to learn more in this book, and it left me very unsatisfied. Now, here's some more things that just bugged me in this one. In the beginning, neither person wants a relationship. In fact, one of the first things Gideon says to Eva is basically "wanna fuck?". And while Eva seems to be ok with fairly casual sex, she is NOT ok just being a fuck toy, she needs to at least know and like the guy she sleeps with. She stuck to her guns for a while, and I respected that, but Gideon wore her down.And then, after one really hot encounter, suddenly they both want more, and they fall into a relationship pretty quickly, with lots of push and pull, stops and starts, misunderstandings and running away.Gideon's change seemed the most out of the blue. Apparently, fucking Eva was so good, it turned him instantly from a one time only, non-relationship guy crazy about Eva, and I do mean CRAZY. Calls, investigations, expensive gifts. Not stalker crazy, but close. And we never really got a reason why besides a hot fuck in the back of a limo.Then there is the push pull. Eva runs. A LOT. She lives by the rule that it's going to fall apart anyway, might as well not stick around for it to hurt. So Gideon chases. And Eva caves pretty much- instantly. Almost every conflict is over just minutes after Gideon finds her and opens his mouth, which makes me wonder why she runs in the first place.The other thing that really bothered me was best friend Cary. We didn't get a lot of background on Cary either. We know they met in group therapy, they really love each other, he's a recovering addict with a cutter past, he's bisexual and has a hard time being faithful. But he seemed to genuinely love and care about Eva, which made his abrupt attitude change near the end of the story seem REALLY out of left field, and it threw me.And then the story just. Ends. We get no real wrap up, it's just done. I know there's a sequel coming, and it didn't really end on a cliffhanger, but it didn't feel like anything was wrapped up, either. I clicked next on my Kindle, expecting at least an epilogue, but it was just over. So I probably will read the sequel. I'll probably borrow it instead of buying it.