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Slam! - J.L. Merrow I love JL Merrow's writing style, the Britishisms, the wit, the characters. In this one we have Jude, Anglo-Japanese, 22 years old but can pass for much younger, wonderful mum, and VERY much out. Then there is David, karate instructor, contractor, and VERY in. They meet when David saves Jude from a mugging, and just kind of fall in together after that.There are bigger complications than David's closet though. Jude's mum starts dating a much younger man, and lies about her age, and of course, lies about Jude's age, forcing him to pretend to be 15 for Kevin, the new boyfriend, who happens to work with David, and doesn't know David is gay.So Jude is trying to see David, trying not to let on to Kevin how old he really is, trying to keep Kevin from learning the truth about his relationship with David, and trying to keep David's door firmly shut.Jude is the kind of character I love. He's very secure in who he is(most of the time), and there is no hiding his sexuality. He's out, he's proud, he's flamboyant, he rambles on and on when he's nervous, and he's just a lot of fun.I got much less of an idea of who David was, beyond a bit shy, but very kind, but I liked him. My biggest complaint is that, since I didn't get to know a lot about David, I wasn't sure what Jude fell for, but fell he did, and it was fun to watch.