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It Isn't Just Insanity - lvmehtme I had a LOT of problems with this fic. I usually like a broken character who slowly gets better, but Stiles was just pretty pathetic in this one. It's after the Nogitsune, and Stiles isn't dealing well. His friends are all paired off and he's the odd man out, and he feels useless and alone. Finally he combats the numbness and lingering panic attacks by cutting, and none of his friends even notice.

I thought Derek was a dick too. Even more of a dick than Derek usually is. He was flat out mean to Stiles, and then, once he figured out what was going on with him, he was still to quick to ignore him or leave him alone. If you know the guy freaks out when he's alone and has major abandonment issues, then you DON'T FREAKING ABANDON HIM.

This fic had two different big bads in it, one in each half. They were pretty well done, but the last one brought out some REALLY stupid behavior on the part of everyone. Supernatural rapist/murderer who has Stiles as his next target, and you freaking leave him alone?? And then you do it AGAIN, after finding out supernatural rapist can take the form of anyone?? How dumb do these people have to be to fall for that shit twice?

And then in the end, Stiles is essentially raped, but because only the head of it made it in, it wasn't REALLY rape, no big deal. (never mind the horrid internal TEARING that forced Derek to have to put cream inside Stiles' ass, no big fucking deal, there, right?)

I mean, the ideas behind this story were solid, but the characters were just way dumber than usual, and I mean, seriously, stupid as shit.