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If I Followed You Home

If I Followed You Home - tryslora AU story where the Hales are wolves, the fire happened, but Laura and Derek never returned to Beacon Hills, Scott (and the rest of the BH wolves) never got bitten, and Stiles didn't learn about werewolves until much later.

Stiles is living in NYC when he witnesses a woman get pushed onto the subway tracks. That woman is Laura, and the pusher is Kate, and this is how Stiles gets sucked into wolftown, when Cora and Derek essentially adopt Stiles to protect him from Kate.

The romance in this one was very slow burn. Stiles has a crush from the get go, Derek is his usual, stoic self, and nothing ever happens til the very end, and since this is rated T, there is NO sexy times.

Still, very interesting AU story, well written, I like!